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Stress. We’ve all been there. Stress can take hold quite quickly in the workplace causing health and safety issues that could have been easily prevented with a little foresight. Stress can cause serious illnesses in people: heart disease, obesity, gastrointestinal problems to name a few.

There are many different things that can cause stress in the workplace from heavy workloads to uncooperative coworkers to outside stressors that make their way into the office. Reducing stress in your business can really help boost production and morale throughout the day and keep your employees safe. Here are some tips to help keep stress at bay for your employees.Empty Billboard

  • Offer incentives – when people have something to work towards, it makes it easier to do so. Sometimes the monotony of every day can get to an employee and cause unwanted stress. Having incentive like being able to leave 15 minutes early on Friday if that one report is completed by Thursday can really help make the challenge more worthwhile.
  • Encourage breaks – of course, it is the law to allow breaks. But encouraging those breaks is important. If you see an employee eating lunch at her desk, tell her how beautiful it is outside and encourage her to get out there for a few minutes of sunshine.
  • Engage in regular bonding events – No, you don’t have to always have “strength building” seminars or go on bonding retreats. Just meeting to shoot some hoops or grab a soda with your employees once in a while could help reduce the stress they feel around you as the boss.
  • Nip problems in the bud – if you see two employees not getting along, try moving their stations to avoid any unnecessary issues.
  • Contact your local gym to see if you can get a group rate for your business – exercise is a great stress reducer. Join the gym yourself to lead by example.

Keep stress out of the workplace and you will see higher morale all over the office.

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